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Vietnam, National Day, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, National Day

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alias xtof. 51. Father of three children. Living in Paris.

Currently (august 2011) focused on helping BarcampBank and IndieWebCamp?.

Working Topics : BankAsAPlatform? and CollaborativeConsumption?.

Contact : Blog


[fr]Vous pouvez me laisser un message n’importe où sur cette page. Cliquez simplement sur le lien Editer le texte de cette page placé en bas de page.
[en]You could drop me a small message anywhere on this page. Just click on the Edit Text of this Page link at the bottom of the page.
[de]Ihr könnt mir eine Nachricht wo auch immer auf dieser Seite hinterlassen. Klickt einfach auf Diese Seite bearbeiten unten.


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Great to see you, Christophe! Banking continues to be of crucial importance. Have you read CharlesEisenstein?’s work? Need to rush out the door!

Bonjour Lion. Will be back slowly … quite soon. Thanks a lot : CharlesEisenstein?’s work has been dropped in my DéficitDeLecture?… Will try to invite EtienneHayem?, a french friend which just posted last week a video about SacredEconomics?. Will look it later - GeekHealth : time to sleep here !

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