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le petit OlivierAuber n’a pas encore tout compris, loin de là! --OlivierAuber


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Le petit Mattis non plus. Bjengwenü Olivier.

Bienvenue Olivier sur CommunityWiki. Ta page FrenchCarcan? pourrait s’effacer ici. UneFoisEtUneSeuleFois est notre motto… nous sommes munis ici du LienDeProximité et combattons la SurchargeInformation. Aussi tu seras puni une deuxième fois comme tu l’as été sur MeatBall:FrenchCarcan. Il te faut maintenant relire CestQuoiLaTmèse ;-)

Olivier, is there a way to generate for any wiki?

For sure Sam! Look at this cluster of aggregators: and try to customize it here:

Look also at this one:

The Poietic Aggregator is only a kind of prototype which raises lots of questions.

  1. How one can manage his own color in order to look the same in different clusters of aggregators?
  2. How to do this without any central server?
  3. How to make it simple ,etc.

Hi, Sam, you may find details and links to ongoing experiment on MeatBall:FractalAggregator The proposal to CW is still open.

Thanks again for fixing up aggregator, Olivier.

Hi Olivier. Didn’t go fishing (yet), comme nous tous. ;)

Is the poietic-aggregator dead? It stopped working years ago for me. I liked it.

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